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Nowadays, we all spend a lot of time in front of a computer or smartphone screen, whose radiation affects the sharpness of our vision. We also often face the problem of drying eyeballs. The muscles surrounding our eyeball are also weakened, which means that we lose the ability to focus our eyes. When we try to focus our eyes on an object, when we look at one place for a long time, for example, when working at the computer, our eyes begin to hurt or burn. Dry eye and worsening visual acuity can lead to irreversible changes in our sight tool. That is why this problem should not be underestimated! The revolutionary OptiVisum supplement has appeared on the market, in the form of oral drops. OptiVisum improves hydration of the eyeball, strengthens visual acuity and regenerates the retina. Thanks to OptiVisum you will see better and better every day, and your eyes will not tire so quickly. This is a real innovation in supporting the eye!

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I am an ophthalmologist with 20 years of experience. Nowadays, more and more people see worse because of prolonged computer work. In addition to worsening visual acuity, my patients complain of dry eyes, fatigue or burning. Prolonged computer work and the light that emit computer screens have a destructive effect on our retina. My patients were looking for a solution so that they would not have to squint or rub their eyes every now and then, which leads to irritation. OptiVisum has appeared on the market since it has been helping my patients. OptiVisum comes in the form of drops, but they are not drops that are applied to the surface of the eyeball, but used orally. Drops applied to the eyeball surface only partially moisturize the top layer, while OptiVisum acts from the inside. This is a unique combination of natural ingredients that affect our eyes. Just twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening, dissolve 20 drops of OptiVisum in a glass of water and drink. OptiVisum drops help to strengthen our eye muscles, which translates into less fatigue. In addition, thanks to the high concentration of vitamins and carotenoids, it supports the regeneration of the retina, which decreases with age. With regular use of drops, we can also count on strengthening the blood vessels, which protects against increased pressure inside the eyeball. Thanks to this, our eyes are healthy and capable of regeneration, which means that we do not feel their constant drying and redness, and healthy eyes translate into correct and sharp vision. OptiVisum removes the causes of visual impairment, instead of just masking it, and this affects its advantage over other specifics. In some of my patients who started treatment with OptiVisum at an early stage of visual impairment, the defect receded completely! As an expert, I am shocked and at the same time very pleased with the results of my patients using these drops. This is a real revolution in ophthalmology!

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Kamil 35 age


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I am a professional driver, so in my work sight is very important, and recently I noticed a loss of visual acuity. I decided to act from the inside and try OptiVisum, it was a hit!

Anna 30 age


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I am a dentist and I have close contact with patients, but recently I have noticed that from close distances I cannot see as well as I used to! Fortunately, a friend of the ophthalmologist recommended OptiVisum to me, my problems receded quickly. I would recommend!

Daria 27 age


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I spend a lot of time at the computer, and lately my eyes got tired faster and my eyes were dry. Encouraged by users' opinions, I decided to try OptiVisum and I am very surprised! He really works!

Emil 40 age


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In my free time I read a lot, but recently during this activity my eyes got tired and my vision was not as sharp as it used to be. The ophthalmologist recommended OptiVisum to me and I am happy to indulge in my favorite pastime!

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